Six Word Memoirs: I dare you!

Go here and read this:
The beauty of the six-word memoir / The Christian Science Monitor –

Some find them ridiculous but I call them beautiful. They are six-word memoirs. Six-word memoirs? Yes – pithy little verbal packages that convey more than you might imagine.

It all started with Ernest Hemingway who proved to a friend that he could write a “novel” in six words: “For sale: baby shoes, never worn.” 

Here’s mine, off the top of my head. Find closed doors; kick them down.

I was gonna get all smooth and invite y’all to create your own using Mr. Linky. But it appears I would have to pay money (which I’m a little short on) to make that work. So… please use the comment section to play. If you’re a fellow blogger, feel free to link to your own Six Word Memoir post.

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